detail pricing


We offer a variety of detail services.

Quick Hand Wash: usually without an appointment, prices start at $39.00 for a passenger car or small sedan.  This is a quick wash like you would do at home, we will wash and dry the car, quick wipe of the windows.

Quick Detail:  This would include a thorough hand wash, vacuum carpets, clean window glass, wheels and tires cleaned and dressed. This includes a one-step spray sealant like a "quick detail wax" product, we do not extract carpets or buff the paint.

Interior Detail:  All interior surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. We focus on all console areas, door panels, seats and carpets, floor mats, etc. We clean vents and mirrors, cup holders and instrument cluster. Every area of the interior will be cleaned and treated as we would our own vehicle. See Optional Services below for leather interiors.

Exterior Detail: We begin with a de-grease, clay bar and hand wash, then pressure wash of the exterior then hand dry. We note and photograph any blemishes in the paint or body before performing any more work. We remove dirt, bugs, tar and sap. Wheels, tires, and wheel wells are cleaned. Paint is buffed a using a 3-step process to remove haze and or fine scratches. We polish the paint to renew the shine and then the last step is to apply modern nano-sealant to coat and protect. Windows are cleaned inside and out and lastly tires are dressed.

Complete Detail: This would be both a full interior and full exterior combined.  We do not do the engine unless requested as we do not assume liability for water / electrical damage.  If you want the engine cleaned, we will spray a mild de-grease to the top surfaces and power wash from the top.  This is not a steam clean to all components but it will look nice when you open the hood.

Optional Services:

Wet -sand moderate scratches: $20.00 per panel.

Line Paint Removal: $30.00 per panel.

Leather Conditioning: $15.00 per vehicle, which we clean dirt out of the pores and creases, dress and condition the leather to retain it’s natural moisture and prolong it’s life.

Detailing notes:

*Pricing is based on “average” condition for each vehicle.  Excessive dirt, trash, pet fur or other items will be subject to a sur-charge. we can review that with you on the phone or stop by for visual inspection

*Discounts apply to fleet vehicles.

*Prices based on factory equipped vehicles. Added items such as truck caps, ground effects or tonneau covers may be subject to a sur-charge.

‍‍‍*We cannot  buff, seal, or detail paint that is worn out or where the clear is flaking or de-laminating.  

*We are bonded and insured. We are only responsible for factory equipment as we cannot control the quaility of paint or installation of aftermarket products.



All Cars, Small Trucks & Small SUV

All Full Size SUV & Light Pickup Trucks

Dualie Trucks, Crew Cab Trucks & Vans

Headlight Restoration

Wheel Polishing

















$59.00 Per Set

We must see the wheels to give a price quote.