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There are no refunds, credits or exchanges for services provided.

 We warrant the quality of our installation but any other warranty is specifically limited to be

quality and performance of the film itself as determined by 3M(the manufacturer)

 Damage to the film at any time by the user, vehicle operation, 3rd party, dealership or vehicle

defect is not covered by any warranty

 Sun & Shade only provides warranty service for our own customers - proof of service is required

 Warranty is subject to our inspection of the proposed defect.

 Sometimes immediately after installation an edge or corner will peel or roll due to adhesion,

 weather, car wash pressure, etc. Every customer wants the visible edge of the film to

exactly correspond with the edge of the body.. Sometimes an edge that is that tight will

peel or roll. In this instance, we must be notified of this problem within 5 days of installation

and we will either re-adhere, trim the edge to prevent further peel/roll or replace the film

on that area at our discretion


All warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of service or receipt.

ppf warranty

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